17th Window in the Clerestory Series

John painting St Cecilia © GilroyStainedGlass St Cecilia on the easel ©GilroyStainedGlass











We’re currently working on our 17th window in the clerestory series for St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. This time it’s the turn of St. Cecilia, who is always lovely to depict. Due to the dimensions of the window, we chose a violin as her musical instrument instead of the more usual organ or viola.

You may notice in the photos that St. Cecilia is rather disconcertingly separated over two easels; giving a sort of disembodied effect! This is so that John and I can both work on the project at the same time – we have similar painting styles so it works well, and while I really enjoy drawing faces and hands, John seems to have a great deal more patience for painting them!