“The Way of Beauty” Exhibition

This weekend I visited the Epiphany Sacred Art Guild’s exhibition at St Jude’s parish in Vancouver. The exhibition is titled “The Way of Beauty” and there is certainly plenty of that to be seen! Members of the Guild (ourselves included) each exhibit pieces that celebrate the traditional and vibrant art forms of iconography, calligraphy, oil painting, […]

Back in the Studio

It’s been great being back in the studio this month. After John being away installing in Edmonton for 6 weeks, he really enjoyed getting back to painting again. We’re nearing the final stage of a 2 window project for Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kamloops. One of the windows is completely fabricated and depicts Saint Margaret […]

Great West Window Completed

The Great West Window is completed! The entire 700 square foot window at First Presbyterian Church, Edmonton, Alberta was completely restored within 15 months and installed within 6 weeks. Way to go John and Warren! I will post more photos and details after we have a little break…. Laura

The Great West Window – Update

I’ve just got back from visiting the project at First Presbyterian Church, Edmonton. It was great to see how John and Warren are getting on; so far the 18 top traceries are just about completed, which has  involved a lot of finessing, but it looks fantastic. I like this photo because it shows just how […]

The Great West Window Installation

This is an exciting week for us! In a couple of days John and Warren will be heading off to Alberta to install the restoration project that we have been working on for over a year. Some of you may remember when I blogged about the removal of this window back in May last year […]

Commissioned Family Crests

                                      We are always intrigued when clients come to us with unique commissions. We especially love to create family crests which we know will be in the family well into the future. Here are two stories about […]

New Project for Sacred Heart Cathedral

                                On the easel this week John is finishing painting St. Margaret Mary Alocoque – I like this photo, note the intense concentration! This is the first of three new windows for Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kamloops, you may remember […]

St. Cecilia, A Burne – Jones Inspiration

St. Cecilia is one of the most famous Roman martyrs. It is believed that she had pledged a vow of virginity but was then forced to marry a Roman nobleman named Valerian, by her parents. At her wedding, she sat apart and sang to God in her heart and for this she was named patroness […]

Creation Commission

The theme of Creation lends itself beautifully to the commissioning of legacy stained glass artwork, with a rich source of flowing shape and colour to depict in this custom project. Our client had a wonderful vision in mind to honour the memory of his loving wife who had passed away due to cancer. She had […]

Inspired by a Visit to the BC Parliament Building.

                        All done! Our first project for mainland China will be shipped off next week. We’ve really enjoyed creating these windows which were inspired by an approximately 100 year old window in the BC Legislature building in Victoria. Our client visited there and enjoyed […]

Spring Flowers

When our clients come to us with requests to create images of flowers and nature, we are delighted to bring the beautiful west coast flora and fauna to life. Certain flowers such as the iris, the rose and the lily translate very well into stained glass. Their defined, bold shape lends itself to whimsy in […]

The Gilroys Vancouver

We’re featured on this week’s Creators Vancouver. Love this website which has been named an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards. Take a peek here: Read the article

Centuries Old Stained Glass Process in Vancouver!

Project in Process by Gilroy Stained Glass Here is a brief description of the steps involved in making a custom commission, a unique work of art with a legacy hundreds of years old. The Gilroy Stained Glass studio where the magic happens, second floor corner unit.   Laura Gilroy, English trained, stained glass artist and […]

Protection Island Cottage Mermaid

Protection Island Mermaid We were approached by a wonderful couple who wanted to create a beautiful mermaid window for their Protection Island cottage. The mermaid is a legendary creature that brings together aquatic life with life on land. She is always beautiful and fluid and was the perfect icon for a window looking out onto […]

The Five W’s of Commissioning Beautiful and Effective Stained Glass.

Why do you want or need stained glass in your home? It may be that you have long loved the art of stained glass, and for you to own a piece is a cherished ambition. Or it may be that you crave the visual impact that glass art will have on your home – stained […]

Update on a stained glass project inspired by a visit to the BC Parliament Building.

A little while ago I posted my progress on the full size drawings (cartoons) for this project for China, subsequently we have been very busy selecting the glass, painting in several stages and firing. Today we’ll be starting leading, and it will be great to see all the sections coming together. I think my favourite […]

The Vermeer Inspired Custom Stained Glass Project

Johannes Vermeer was an acclaimed 17th century Dutch painter who specialized in home interiors and domestic life, featuring such standstill images as a woman pouring from a vase, or afternoon flowers on the table. The warmth and texture endeared his work the world over and is commonly recognized. This particular project was created for and […]

Point Grey Abstract Commissioned Artwork

Our esteemed clients asked us to create a unique, one of a kind artwork to add to their collection of work we had already created for them. For this particular project, they had need for a visual focal point to punctuate a large window in their dining room. We went to work to design a […]

5 Best Things about being a Self-Employed Professional Artist

5 Best Things about being a Self-Employed Professional Artist 1. You get to be creative (all the time). Most people dream about spending their days in creative mode. Painting, drawing, writing, decorating are dream activities for most people. Spending your time in creation mode puts you into inspiration, and your heart and soul just feel […]

Shaughnessy Stained Glass Cabinet, Vancouver

  We were contacted by the owners of a beautiful Shaughnessy home to create a feature piece in a wall cabinet. They were renovating the kitchen and wanted to add a special focal point for extra zeal. When we measured the cabinet, we were surprised to find that it was eight panels and would be […]