Please Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation in our studio to discuss any proposed project that you may be considering. After your meeting with us we hope you will be excited by our ideas for your project and by your involvement in it.

We like to try to get an understanding of some of your preferences and dislikes, not just regarding stained glass, as sometimes the unlikeliest thing will spark an idea for a design or colour range. At this stage we try to show that we can create what you envisage even if it is very different from the images in our portfolio, or that we can supply design options even if you have no clear idea of what you require.

Cost is usually a major consideration, some people see the quality of our work and assume that they won’t be able to afford us, however we assure you that all commissions are individually designed to fit your specific requirements and that includes budget.

Cost is affected by complexity of design, the type of glass chosen and treatment of the glass such as etching, glass painting and kiln firing- there is a design option to suit your budget.

Contact us today and we would be delighted to meet with you to see how we can help you.

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“Stained glass, by its inclusion in the fabrication of a building, is not just a work of art, it adds atmosphere and colour to its surroundings in a way that I feel no other medium can.” ~ Laura Gilroy