Holy Spirit Catholic Church, New Westminster, BC

Blessed Joseph Allamano was the founder of the Consolata Missionaries, and today over 3,500 Consolata priests, brothers, sisters and volunteers serve in 25 countries. Our window in the vestibule of Holy Spirit Church, depicts Bl. Allamano standing beside a lady holding a child, representing the African Missions. Behind her is a man in Argentinian national dress, representing the South American continent. A little boy kneeling on the left stands for the North American continent, and a young girl with outstretched hands evokes the people of Asia. Choosing Bl. Allamano as the subject for the window was very appropriate, as many of the ethnic groups in the window are represented in the parish.

Our St. Thérèse  window depicts two pivotal moments in her life; the first when she appealed to Pope Leo XIII to be able to enter Carmel at the age of fifteen, and the second on the eve of her Religious Profession when she felt “flooded with a river of peace and it was in this peace that I made my Holy Vows”. Many people, including the benefactor of this window feel a great affinity with St. Thérèse of Lisieux and her “little way”. She is described as the “greatest saint of modern times” and her message of showing love through little deeds really resonates.We also enjoyed creating a window depicting the Holy Family in the workshop, we particularly wanted to show the boy Jesus engrossed in his work.The angels Raphael and Michael, their wings enfolding them,  complete the Holy Spirit figurative windows. We also created panels for the doors leading from the vestibule into the church, they read “Enter into his Courts with Praise and Thanksgiving”.

“The faces of the figures are exceptional. The Gilroys did a masterful job on the expressions which, unlike what is seen in some stained glass, are very lifelike. The work is superb and we are thrilled.”

~ Fr. David Hughes, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, New Westminster, BC


Holy Spirit doors