St. Agnes’ Anglican Church, North Vancouver

The stained glass for the entrance doors of St Agnes’ Anglican Church needed to welcome with colour and meaning all those who enter this historic building. To that end we created a design which leads the eye around the total window area and makes a visual “pathway” between the three areas of stained glass – there is greater impact by treating the area as a whole, enhanced by the divisions rather than defined by them.

The themes depicted in the windows are the Eucharistic symbols of the wheat and the vine, and the symbols for the four Evangelists. We used the bowing wheat stalks intertwined with the vine to lead the eye from the door panels into the upper transom, at the centre of which is depicted the fruit. These symbols represent the bread and wine used during the service of Holy Communion. The four Evangelists (a word meaning “people who proclaim good news”) are depicted in stylized form by their emblems, the meanings of which grew over centuries to represent firstly the Evangelists, secondly the nature of Christ, and thirdly the virtues required of a Christian for salvation. All these elements of the design are linked by a stylized representation of baptismal water, and by the prominent liturgical colours of blue, purple and green.

“We received a gift in memory of a beloved couple who were active church members for many years. As a tribute befitting a couple who had welcomed so many to our church, we decided to upgrade our main entrance with new doors and stained glass windows. Laura and John took our requirements to heart and designed a set of beautiful windows featuring the four Evangelists linked by symbols of baptism and the eucharist. It is a spectacular work of art which not only honours the memory a beloved couple but, more importantly, helps to tell the story of a dynamic church where the Gospel is proclaimed and a sacramental community is nurtured.” ~ Rev. Stephen Muir, St Agnes’ Anglican Church, North Vancouver.