St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

We recently installed a sacristy window depicting the ministry of Archbishop Charles Seghers.  The design needed to lead the eye around the total window area incorporating pertinent scenes from Archbishop Seghers’ life  behind the central figure. This was entirely feasible within the space available, and within stained glass design is indeed preferable to depicting the figure alone as it adds depth and a visual “pathway” around the window.

The national flower of Belgium was included as reference to his birth place; the poppy is synonymous with Flanders and remembrance, and was entwined with the Pacific Dogwood as symbolic of British Columbia.  The interesting visual scenes we chose to depict included Archbishop Seghers’ love of music and his involvement with the choir and community in Victoria. A depiction of his consecration as bishop at St. Andrew’s Cathedral was of course important, as was the inclusion of the mission to the Hesquiat area where he was received with an “unmistakable token of respect” by the Muchalaht Nation, leading to the decision to build a permanent Mission there. It was also key to include a depiction of the first Alaska mission; Bishop Seghers and Fr. Mandart in a canoe during the arduous journey which ultimately led to Archbishop Seghers being known as the “Apostle of Alaska”. The installation involved removing the original sash window that had been painted closed and not opened in decades, whilst keeping intact the original window jambs. The new frame was engineered to fit snugly between the inner and outer window jambs to give a seamless look to the finished install.  Polycarbonate outer protective glazing had to be cut to size, including the shaped head, then installed. Once everything was then sealed and waterproofed to the outside using low modulus silicon, the new windows and protective glazing have an integral rather than screwed on look to the completed installation. We were also asked to create a new sacristy transom window depicting the heraldic crest of the incumbent Bishop.

“Many thanks for the wonderful and beautiful windows.” ~ Fr. John Laszczyk, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC.

Archbishop seghers installed