Celtic Window, Vancouver

This window celebrates the storytelling, vibrancy and spirituality of Celtic art. At nearly 50 square feet it dominates the entrance of the Vancouver residence for which it was designed, and it is painted, stained, acid-etched and as completely “full on” as one of our ecclesiastical windows.

The main subject is loosely based on the Marigold Stone , a 500 year old stone carving in County Donegal, Ireland. The cross, joining vertical and horizontal, depicts a man and a woman on either side of the Tree of Life and is thought to be a symbol of the journey from the first meeting to true union and love.  Our design emphasizes the complementary forces of relationships that interact to form a greater whole, by depicting the figures in primary red and blue with a little of the opposite colour in each. We combined Celtic knots in the form of the rising sun, these endless knots symbolize the interconnectedness of life and eternity. The Tree of Life is expanded from the stone carving to extend higher with leaves and branches reminiscent of celtic knots and patterns, and it harbours two birds representing the universal and individualized selves. The roots go down deeper into the earth through life giving water and parallel to the path which we all must follow through life. Other details include the Celtic five fold symbol, signifying the four elements, directions and seasons, unified and balanced by the fifth element. The triple spiral was also an important Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol found in various art forms with the earliest examples having been carved on pre-Celtic stone monuments.

We studied the use of colour and pattern in The Book of Kells for inspiration on how some of the finest Irish/Celtic artists viewed their subject. It was immediately apparent that a strong colour scheme with prominent primary and secondary colours, was vital to capture the essence of celtic art. Our complete range of beautiful mouth blown glass allowed us to really give full reign to this concept and create a window with impact designed to provide a new dimension each time it is viewed.