Coal Harbour Triptych, Vancouver

This triptych of hanging abstract panels was created to obscure a view of a neighboring building, while still allowing natural light and air flow into the room.

The design and theme was left to our own discretion, and it was fun to “go with the flow”.

The inspiration was a blue skied summer’s day in Coal Harbour, observing how the sky reflected upon the glass fronted condos. The reflections on and of the buildings seemed to us to give them a fluid  appearance.

To bring our ideas to life we chose French and English “flashed” mouth blown glass to be subtly acid etched and painted. The centre of the triptych was then joined and framed in brushed stainless steel to compliment the overall effect we were striving to achieve. The two leaded side panels were framed in a lovely cherry wood, and more simply treated to focus attention to the middle piece.

It still makes us think of gentle sea breezes and float planes every time we view it.

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