Homage to Burne-Jones

Our client who commissioned this interesting project has always loved Sir Edward Burne-Jones’ depiction of St. Cecilia (the patron saint of music) in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford , England. The original window was designed by Burne-Jones and produced by William Morris & Co in 1874. The expressive and decorative drawing is classic Burne-Jones; the tall, languid figures lending themselves perfectly to depiction in glass.  We were asked to create an homage to Burne-Jones, and we were delighted to create a 24 inch square hanging panel influenced by the original window.  It’s a good test of one’s abilities in a medium to look at a masterpiece and attempt one’s own take on it. We’ve deliberately not veered far from the original with just a few adjustments on tonal values and their placement, a little tweaking of the colour palette, and the introduction of a Morris inspired pattern in the background.

“I was thinking about your wonderful creation and  the amazing way you have personalised it for my bedroom with those strong, brilliant jewel tones of the background; they could so easily have swamped the central figure yet in fact it is Cecilia herself who dominates, illuminating the whole panel, whatever the weather! A truly superb, awe-inspiring achievement. Once again, thank you so very much.”  ~ Dr. H F, Vancouver