Point Grey Abstract, Vancouver

Our latest project at this Point Grey residence, was to design and create a panel to be framed and hung in the dining room. The intention was to provide a beautiful focal point and visually divide an overly large window area. The colour scheme was suggested by the existing decor, and we had a lovely piece of rare Hartley-Wood “streaky” grey glass from England which set the stylish tone. Further interest was created by etching shapes out of “flashed” grey hued glass, creating lighter areas within the original colour, and then emphasizing the flow of the design with painted tonal areas.  The panel was designed to be hung horizontally, however on completion we very nearly decided to hang it vertically as it appeared reminiscent of a Henry Moore sculpture that way!

Previous projects included the completion of a triptych of leaded panels in cherry wood frames, in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

“Working with Laura and John Gilroy on a variety of stained glass projects, the most recent being an abstract panel designed as a focal point in the dining-room, has been an exciting and illuminating experience. Once we had agreed upon the design, the cost estimate and the time-line of the project, Laura and John went out of their way to include me in the creative process, keeping me informed and involved every step of the way, welcoming me to their studio however busy they may have been, answering questions, inviting and considering all suggestions, explaining and illustrating the pros and cons of different options. Their beautiful creation was completed and installed as promised, on time and on budget. I could not be more delighted with the results of my collaboration with John and Laura Gilroy, outstanding artists, consummate professionals.”                                      ~ Dr. H. F, Vancouver