Massachusetts Magic

The challenge in this window was to incorporate elements into the wider background and take the eye of the viewer in a visual path around the window while still maintaining the prominence of the figure in the design.

It depicts a popular literary wizard, and alludes to sacrifice, martyrdom and undying love. The mask represents an assumed role, while the snake undulates across the window connecting the past up to the point of death. The doe patronus shines a protective light and unites all sections of the window.

The warm colours contrast and push forward the cool tones of the figure’s garment and the green snake. Light to mid blues in the top and bottom sections serve to maintain visual focus on the central area while still allowing for a non direct light source.

“I spent over a year looking for stained glass artists, when I finally found John & Laura Gilroy I knew they were the ones – their residential work is as sensitive and beautiful as their ecclesiastical work. I knew that they would be able to take a secular subject and interpret it in an ecclesiastical manner. I was fortunate to be able to travel to Vancouver to visit John & Laura’s studio to help pick the glass for my project and to learn how John translates Laura’s cartoon into a window. It was such a great experience that I cannot adequately describe the time spent with them.  What I can say is since then I cannot look at a stained glass window in the same way: what John & Laura do is magic and they are masters.  The window, of course, is beautiful and no photograph can capture the life the glass gives the light that travels through it.  The window constantly changes by the hour, day and season.  But ultimately what I treasure is that, through John & Laura’s remarkable work, I have a unique, personal & daily reminder of the redemptive power of love.” ~ L M, Massachusetts.