Protection Island Mermaid

We were asked to design and fabricate a circular window based on a previous Mermaid theme we had devised, and to create a companion Seascape window to compliment it. The Mermaid is a mythology that really seems to capture the imagination. Using the fluidity of shape provided by her flowing  hair and fins, combined with the range of colour inherent in mouth blown glass, we were able to portray the constant movement of the sea and elements. Add to that the stunning location on Protection Island, and this project had real “wow” factor! The design of the Seascape had to match our Mermaid in style and the depiction of movement. Although it is a less complex theme at first glance; the interlocking fish, crashing waves, full use of colour in the mouth blown glass and the painting techniques, all ensure that it has the full impact to balance the Mermaid.

We never produce the same design twice; size and shape of the window plus location and light source are all influences leading to the same subject being treated differently each time. To date, we have created three versions of the Mermaid for three very different locations – a Georgian house in Bath (England), a house near New York (USA), and this one on Protection Island (BC). The first two can’t top this one for unusual installation; the panels had to be crated and conveyed along with all necessary tools by small boat to the island. There’s no access except by sea, and the house has it’s own wharf – we don’t usually have this much fun when we install our windows!

“The stained glass we commissioned for our island cottage absolutely took our breath away. John and Laura’s artistry, blended with their craftsmanship, resulted in a stunning piece of art which generations of our family will enjoy. Our mermaid is the soul of our ocean home.”
~ Sharon and Trevor G, Protection Island, BC