Shaughnessy Feature Cabinet, Vancouver

This beautiful Shaughnessy home needed something rather special to complete the kitchen renovation. When we were asked to create stained glass panels for a cabinet which was to be the focal point of the kitchen and needed to have visual impact.

We began by considering themes from the Arts & Crafts era, particularly Rennie Mackintosh, as well as design details that are part of the collection of furniture already in the house.  We developed a design that would pay homage to these ideas, yet be completely contemporary.  The design encompasses and connects all of the eight panels and takes account of the fact that they would not all be viewed from the same angle. Paint techniques were used in strategic places to strengthen the visual “flow” of the lead lines. Leaf forms were etched in green flashed glass to provide a more delicate counterpoint to the boldness of the lead lines.  The blend of colour was possible only with the hues available within the mouth-blown glass range, in this case primarily from France. The project then extended to include smaller inlays in other cabinetry, etched and painted squares in the breakfast nook off the kitchen, and a similarly themed panel for the formal dining room.


“Laura and John brought a rare combination of artistic creativity, top echelon craftsman skills, enthusiasm and energy to breathe life into difficult project. The challenge was not just to copy a design style but to extend it beyond what Charles Rennie Mackintosh created and at the same time honor the original character. They were a delight to work with throughout the process, and added immeasurably to bring a concept to life!! ”                  ~ Val and Murray N, Vancouver