All Saint’s Anglican Church, Publow, UK

The project to undertake the restoration of this large West window was rather complex due to the fact that it was approximately 150 years old and was a very intricate design. Many of the pieces were as small as a finger nail while others were cut to such an awkward shape that they had become weak points in the window. Some of the panels at over 6 ft high without a lap or division were extremely unwieldy and fragile in places. The windows were starting to bow causing breakages and had in places broken away from the saddle or support bars. These in turn were ferrous and had rusted causing damage to the surrounding stonework.

After removal the windows were taken to our studio and rubbings were taken to show thickness of leads and the placement and shape of every individual piece of glass. The windows were carefully dismantled and painstakingly cleaned. Any breakages were cut in sympathetic glass and re-painted to match the originals. The windows were then re-leaded and waterproofed before being reinstalled into the stonework using a limestone mix, which was also used to repair sections of stonework damaged by the rusting ferrous bars. New brass bars were used to replace the originals. Members of the congregation commented that they could now see who the windows were depicting, and the extra light and colour flooding into the west end of the church was a return to what the original artist had envisaged.

All Saints Church commissioned a new stained glass window from John and Laura Gilroy in 2000. They worked with church members on design ideas, manufactured and installed the window. Their work is of great quality and the Parochial Church Council is delighted with the final result. During 2001, damage was caused by air rifle pellets to three existing stained glass windows. Gilroy Stained Glass repaired this damage with skill and sensitivity.”    ~ Judith Hillman, Hon. Secretary, All Saints Church, Publow, UK