St. John’s Anglican Church, Cardiff, UK


The two panels we restored from this church had been unfortunately damaged by vandals. We needed to find out what the original inscriptions and crests had been, and luckily, the church had kept very detailed records of this information. It’s very important for churches to keep up to date records and detailed photographs of their stained glass windows, and in an older church considerable history is contained within the inscriptions detailing families who were benefactors and prominent in the church life. On occasion, a box of fragments and a photo taken from 20 feet away have been all we had to reconstruct an entire window.

After piecing the fragments together we found that a couple of the crests were salvageable with only a thin lead to bind the cracks together again, while the others needed to be recreated with extensive use of acid etched antique “flashed” glass and coloured enamels. We think that Sophia Hastings, Marchioness of Bute, would be pleased to know that her family crest still claims sponsorship of that church aisle from 1852!