St. Michael’s Worship Centre, Blackburn, UK

This window was in an extremely bad condition due to extensive vandal damage.

When we got it to our studio it was basically a box of fragments which had to be painstakingly pieced together, as far as was possible, in order to give us some clues as to the original glass used and the painting techniques employed.

Even after all our efforts, there were still large areas with no clues as to what was originally there. Normally in a case such as this we would redraw the missing areas using our past experience of Victorian glass.

However, this time we knew that we had seen a very similar window in a local church and, as it was not uncommon for studios of that period to use the same cartoon to produce more than one window, we felt it was worth the effort to track it down. We found the window in St. Mary Redcliffe church in Bristol, approximately 300 miles from where our damaged window came from, and it was exactly the same design and cartoon except for a few colour changes. We were able to get all the information we needed from this unexpected source.