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  • Holy Spirit, New Westminster
  • St. Andrew's, Clevedon, UK


"Thank you for the truly amazing work you did in completing the four stained glass windows at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Each of them, St John Vianney, St Kateri Tekakwitha, St Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are masterpieces. Though we have many high quality windows from England, the ones you crafted are definitely better. The thought, detail and research you placed into each window makes them so unique. To mention one, St Kateri; the glass used for her face was a bubbled glass that in the sun shows a slight disfigurement in her face that was scarred by smallpox, however without the sun her face shows as perfectly smooth which was a miracle that happened on her death. This is the type of thoughtfulness that each window has. They are truly one of a kind masterpieces of inestimable value. You can see the love with which each window was crafted. Thank you for sharing your artistic gift and skill with us. They will bless us and generations to follow."

~ Fr. Andrew L'Heureux, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kamloops, BC


“I am writing to express my genuine appreciation for the wonderful stained glass windows you painted and installed in the Chapel of the John Paul II Pastoral Centre. The Holy Spirit window and the Pantocrator window are both masterfully and beautifully executed. Undoubtedly, they will help deepen the participation in worship of all those who celebrate Holy Mass in our new Chapel. Thank you so much for your superb work!”

~ J. Michael Miller, CSB. Archbishop of Vancouver


"Working with Laura and John Gilroy on a variety of stained glass projects, the most recent being an abstract panel designed as a focal point in the dining-room, has been an exciting and illuminating experience.  Once we had agreed upon the design, the cost estimate and the time-line of the project, Laura and John went out of their way to include me in the creative process, keeping me informed and involved every step of the way, welcoming me to their studio however busy they may have been, answering questions, inviting and considering all suggestions, explaining and illustrating the pros and cons of different options. Their beautiful creation was completed and installed as promised, on time and on budget. I could not be more delighted with the results of my collaboration with John and Laura Gilroy, outstanding artists, consummate professionals."

~ Dr. H. F, Vancouver


"One last thank you for such a beautiful, beautiful window. We really appreciate your patience in getting our ideas into your art work and we very much enjoyed the whole process of seeing the window being created. The dedication went very well and mom’s window is now part of the St Mary’s heritage." 
~ The Kennedy Family, benefactors of the Roberta Tilton window at St. Mary’s, Vancouver


"As a result of the naming of The Vermeer, I wanted to figure out some way we could celebrate that. I had done many hours of research and I found a lovely couple in Vancouver; John and Laura Gilroy. This couple is absolutely amazingly creative; the works that they do are the equivalent of a contemporary Michelangelo. I met with them, shared my dream of what I thought we should try to achieve for The Vermeer, and they ran with it!  We now have a stunningly beautiful stained glass mural in the residential lobby that celebrates one of Vermeer's thirty-six masterpieces. The depiction of The Glass of Wine is perfect for people returning to their residence after a busy day, to think about having a glass of wine on their patio either facing the vibrancy of 4th Ave or the majestic North Shore Mountains and English Bay."

~ Richard Hall, Thomas Properties


"John and Laura Gilroy are masters of the art of stained glass. Together they create glowing, colorful and beautiful pieces of art."

~ Carolyn Edlund, Founder of Artsy Shark


"John and Laura are very gifted artists, not only in the design and making of the window but also in the wonderful way they interpreted our feelings and expression of subject matter. With much appreciation to John and Laura the experience of producing a stained glass window will always be treasured and we think of them every time we sit in the pew under our window."

~ Mary Jean and Bobby O-R, benefactors of the St. Francis window at St. Mary's, Vancouver.


"Our congregation was given funds for the restoration of our hundred-year-old church.  Although we could see where repairs were needed for some aspects of the building, what we could not judge for ourselves was the state of our stained-glass windows. When we sought advice, we received differing opinions on the necessity of repairs.  We were in a quandary about what to do.  Our vestry then called John Gilroy.  He flew out to our city a few days later, spent several hours examining the windows and discussing them with us, and later sent us a detailed report of his findings and an estimate of costs. John was most agreeable, prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable.   His report was invaluable in helping us decide how to spend our funds wisely and budget for next few years." 

 ~ A. Hamilton, Chair of the Architecture and Property Committee, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Edmonton. 


"Many thanks for the wonderful and beautiful windows." ~ Fr. John Laszczyk, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Victoria.


“We received a gift in memory of a beloved couple who were active church members for many years. As a tribute befitting a couple who had welcomed so many to our church, we decided to upgrade our main entrance with new doors and stained glass windows. Laura and John took our requirements to heart and designed a set of beautiful windows featuring the four Evangelists linked by symbols of baptism and the eucharist. It is a spectacular work of art which not only honours the memory a beloved couple but, more importantly, helps to tell the story of a dynamic church where the Gospel is proclaimed and a sacramental community is nurtured.”

~ Rev. Stephen Muir, St. Agnes' Anglican Church, North Vancouver.


"John and Laura Gilroy recently restored our Good Shepherd window that was originally installed in the late 1930s. They removed decades of grime and revealed a spectacular work of art that until now we have simply taken for granted. Now, its original purpose has been restored - to inspire faith through beauty." 

~ Rev. Stephen Muir, St. Agnes' Anglican Church, North Vancouver.


"When my wife passed away we decided to develop a memorial window that would represent Jacqui and her interests, fitting this into an ecclesiastical theme. John and Laura Gilroy are dedicated and talented artisans who involved our family and the church in all aspects of the design.  Their integration of colour and design was beautiful along with the attention to detail in creating the glass.  I was very impressed with their knowledge of the technical and artistic aspects of their profession.  I would recommend them to all who are interested in restoration or creation of stained glass works of art.  The finished product is indeed a work of art  encompassing the skills and experience of true masters in the field." 

~ Dr. M. Hosking, benefactor of the Creation windows at Dunbar Heights United Church, Vancouver.


“Laura and John brought a rare combination of artistic creativity, top echelon craftsman skills, enthusiasm and energy to breathe life into difficult project. The challenge was not just to copy a design style but to extend it beyond what Charles Rennie Mackintosh created and at the same time honor the original character. They were a delight to work with throughout the process, and added immeasurably to bring a concept to life!! "

~ Val and Murray N, Vancouver


"My wife and I had the pleasure of working with John and Laura of Gilroy Stained Glass during the restoration of a large stained glass window for our home. The project was very complex due to the size of window, approximately seven and a half feet wide by six and a half high. The window was originally constructed a hundred years ago as a single panel, which over the years had led to bowing and slumping of the entire window along with some breakage of individual pieces of glass in the window. The first anticipated difficulty was removing the window from our home before the restoration could begin, which occurred without incident. John and Laura then went about dismantling, cleaning, re-engineering the structure of the window and finally reassembly of the window. The last step was the reinstallation of the beautifully restored window back into our home. The total project from start to finish took approximately 4 months. During this time Laura and John always kept us informed of the progress of the restoration work."

 ~ Kerri-Lee and Tim W, Vancouver


"What a joy it was the day we connected with Laura and John Gilroy in their studio!  Our intent was to join other parishioners  of St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale by dedicating in thanksgiving a stained glass window.  Our chosen Saint was St. Giles who is Patron of the lame and halt.  Our son Robb is a high quadriplegic so perfect decision, complete with scene of wounded hind at St. Giles’ feet.  Immediately, the interest and warm understanding of the Gilroys was beyond the pale.  It was as if we were family and, in fact, have kept in touch.  I mention the former because I had not expected such caring and magnetism which they so generously offered.  It was most  important to them to have the feeling absolutely perfect.  From thence, their artistic brilliance in every sense of the word was truly evident. Their beautiful  and unique design brings much peace to the Dunfield family."                 

Florence M, benefactor of the St. Giles window at St. Mary's, Vancouver.


"I spent over a year looking for stained glass artists, when I finally found John & Laura Gilroy I knew they were the ones – their residential work is as sensitive and beautiful as their ecclesiastical work. I knew that they would be able to take a secular subject and interpret it in an ecclesiastical manner. I was fortunate to be able to travel to Vancouver to visit John & Laura’s studio to help pick the glass for my project and to learn how John translates Laura’s cartoon into a window. It was such a great experience that I cannot adequately describe the time spent with them.  What I can say is since then I cannot look at a stained glass window in the same way: what John & Laura do is magic and they are masters.  The window, of course, is beautiful and no photograph can capture the life the glass gives the light that travels through it.  The window constantly changes by the hour, day and season.  But ultimately what I treasure is that, through John & Laura’s remarkable work, I have a unique, personal & daily reminder of the redemptive power of love."

~ Leslie M, Massachusetts 



“Gilroy Stained Glass assisted us with a large scale project which involved replacing most of the church windows. From the design phase through to installation, the Gilroys were excellent to work with. They made a great effort to be sensitive to the parish’s wishes; they were creative with their designs and attentive to details; they communicated regularly throughout the development phase; the workmanship of the completed windows and installation was superb.”

~ The Most Reverend Mark Hagemoen, Bishop of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. Former Pastor at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Vancouver.


“The faces of the figures are exceptional. The Gilroys did a masterful job on the expressions which, unlike what is seen in some stained glass, are very lifelike. The work is superb and we are thrilled.”

~ Fr. David Hughes, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, New Westminster, BC


“Gilroy Stained Glass has crafted and installed several windows at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. I have been most impressed by their artistic and professional expertise, attention to detail and knowledge. Importantly John and Laura demonstrate genuine care and sensitivity to the benefactors; they know that their craft is about much more than glass.”
~ The Very Rev. Kevin Dixon, Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario, and former rector of St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Vancouver. 


"I've appreciated being able to use the services of Gilroy Stained Glass for my stained glass window at St. Mary's. Laura and John are personable and respond to client input. Their knowledge of ecclesiastical stained glass comes from a long history of true artisans. I can heartily recommend them for future glass projects at St. Mary's Church. They give their heart and soul to their work....how appropriate of these artists whose work will outlive us all."

~ Dianne M, benefactor of the St. Brigid window at St. Mary's, Vancouver.

“The stained glass we commissioned for our island cottage absolutely took our breath away. John and Laura’s artistry, blended with their craftsmanship, resulted in a stunning piece of art which generations of our family will enjoy. Our mermaid is the soul of our ocean home.”
~ Sharon and Trevor G, Protection Island, BC

“I needed stained glass to complete the construction of my new office. Laura and John were given total freedom in the choice of glass and colour scheme. I was very happy, not only with the result, but also with the professional manner in which the project was carried out. I recommend them without hesitation”
~ Dr. Monica Monty, M2 Dental, Coal Harbour, Vancouver.

“Our window is over one hundred years old and the repair challenging. I was able to observe John Gilroy’s meticulous workmanship and his commitment to his craft; the window is not only repaired but restored to its original quality. I would not hesitate in hiring Gilroy Stained Glass for future projects.”
~ Glynn Crew, Warden, Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, BC

“John and Laura are wonderful to deal with and put a great deal of time and energy into working with you closely to get every detail right, and to achieve a final result that you are thrilled with.”
~ Alex Timms Creative Communications, Bath, England

“We have worked with John and Laura frequently for the repair of windows that have decayed with age or involve the complete reconstruction of serious damage. We have found them to be conscientious and skilful in their work, and have no hesitation in recommending them for the most demanding projects, both new and old.”
~ Alan Thomas Chartered Architects, Wells, England


“I have no hesitation in recommending them as excellent, dedicated stained glass artists and craftsmen. Knowing the North American market in stained glass I will be very surprised if there are many who could come up to the standard and be compared with the abilities of the Gilroys.”
~ Roy Coomber, FMGP, SGAA


"All Saints Church commissioned a new stained glass window from John and Laura Gilroy in 2000. They worked with church members on design ideas, manufactured and installed the window. Their work is of great quality and the Parochial Church Council is delighted with the final result. During 2001, damage was caused by air rifle pellets to three existing stained glass windows. Gilroy Stained Glass repaired this damage with skill and sensitivity."

~ Judith Hillman, Hon. Secretary, All Saints Church, Publow, UK


"Our Parochial Church Council decided to mark the Millennium by installing a stained glass window in our small village church. We selected the design created by Laura Gilroy and commissioned the work. The work was done on time and within the agreed budget. John and Laura were cooperative with the PCC at all times. The new stained glass East window was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Wells at a service on St. Peter's Day, 29th June. The Archdeacon called it "a beautiful yet simple interpretation of a rural setting". The window has been greatly admired within the parish, and by visitors from far afield."

~ Beulah Connolly, Churchwarden, St. Peter's Church, South Barrow, UK